Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How to Deconstruct a Pumpkin

There were sugar pumpkins at the fruit stand today. Since I've been charged with bringing pumpkin pie (and mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce) to my Thanksgiving gathering, I figured I'd take the unknown route, and give a good excuse for a how-to picture post. (I followed this site.)

How-To: Turn a Solid Pumpkin Into Puree
1. Preheat oven to 350°F, wash the pumpkin and remove stalk.

2. Using a large knife or, in this case, a cleaver, slice pumpkin in half.

3. Scoop out stringy center and seeds. (Put seeds aside for delicious roasting, of course.)

4. Fill a pan with 1/2" of water and place pumpkin halves cut-side down.

5. Roast for an hour, or until skin pierces easily.

6. Remove pumpkin flesh from the skin and food process until smooth.

Ok, baby food level might have been TOO smooth. That's ok, I'll just mix it in with the less-processed batch.

Check in after Thanksgiving for the whole pie, and tomorrow for the pie crust.

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Melody said...

I did mine wrong. I wish I knew you had posted this. But I will save this for next time. I havled the pumpkin and cut it up then roasted. It took so long. Last year I made it from the can. So I really didn't know how to do it fresh. But it still tasted good.