Thursday, October 16, 2008


This year I could not wait for fall weather to come around. We had (in my opinion) a rather wimpy summer, with a poor berry harvest and uninspiring stone-fruit crop. I just wasn't excited anymore. So when nights started crisping a few weeks ago, I could hardly contain my enthusiasm. I immediately dusted off the Crock Pot and made some beef stew and whole-wheat bread. This was my first attempt at a whole-wheat loaf, and I was pretty pleased with the results. I made one loaf plain, and two loaves as cinnamon/current whole-wheat. A few slices left out overnight to stale made excellent french toast!

This is the cinnamon variety (note the brown "swirl"...I've got to practice that swirling technique). Not much left. I got the recipe for Basic Whole-Wheat Bread and variations from Real Bread: A fearless guide to making it by M. Baylis and C. Castle (pg 69).

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