Thursday, October 16, 2008

iron chef -- brussel sprouts!

Chairman Gretchen says: A la cuisine!

In a house of two excellent cooks, iron chef battles are inevitable. We had some extra brussel sprouts lying around and couldn't agree how we wanted to prepare them, so we each made our own rendition. I like mine quickly sautéed over high heat, which keeps them fresh and crispy, with that excellent peppery bite. I've come to learn this is the South American style, where young women are deigned ready for marriage when they learn to slice greens as thinly as possible. Apparently, I have a while. This shredded preparation lets the sprouts cook in about a minute over medium high heat. Bacon was, of course, added.

Jess' preparation was more traditional. The sprouts were halved and tossed with olive oil. Again, bacon was added. They were baked until soft and roasty. Yum!

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